You can’t use up creativity, the more you use, the more you have!”

  • Maya Angelou

Well, this holds true to nail care and nail art. The more you take care of it, the better your hands feel and look and the more put together becomes your look. Can you imagine the large amount of effort thinking, creating designs, and executing it, creating a lasting impact how it feels?

Before we get on to the different types of nail art for this year, we would highly recommend you get the perfect manicure. Remove all that dirt of your nails, shape them, and get set to paint them. You don’t always need long nails; you need them filed and perfect. Long does not equal perfect. Take care of your cuticles and let them breathe a few days before nail paint change. Protect your nails always with a base coat. A filer in your little kit in your bag has always come to good use!

We present to you five different nail art designs for you to choose from.

1: Keep them simple, keep them bold

Simple colours and bold graphics on them will look just perfect for a great, but simple evening with your fun friends. Pair it with a T-shirt and your comfortable jeans, those sneakers, and a messenger back! You are ready to go!

2: Jewel it up!

Did you know that you can as well use different kinds of nail art jewellery to enhance your nail’s look and make it look phenomenally look? Simple outfits, with not too loud motifs can bring this look together than what you imagined.

3: All that glitters on your nail, is nail art

Nail art is so vast in terms of design and creation. You need to do this right and not go over the top. You can have them all glittery, but step back from wearing loud outfits or loud colours to give your nails, all you attention can be all you need. No, please don’t wear this to work.

4: Paint it as you jewel it

You may think it is slightly over the top, but it is not. You must know what to wear it with and that would be to wear it for extravagant events like weddings and an all-girl outing!

5: Colour them quirky!

Nail art is certainly fun, and you may when you have a huge variety of colour pop it only makes it more appealing. You can yet again pair them with a cool pair of jeans and sneakers for a round of shopping or even a lazy Sunday brunch!

What are you waiting for?

Head to Beauty People and buy all those colours you have been putting on your wish-list for way too long, pick the nail style you wish to use on those pretty nails and get them soon!

Fact: Some positive colours that could also brighten up your nails as much as your day would be deep and brick red, bright green, aqua and so much more!


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